Location photographic ideas

The brief

A fashion magazine front cover shot at a location.  The front page image is to be “Bold & Beautiful”.  The fashion magazine is to appeal to 16 to 24 year old male and female audience.  The image to create an impact.

Idea 1

First idea would be taking pictures of a female model aged between 18-20 years in different surroundings that would be considered as masculine and appealing to men such as car parks or garages.  If possible try standing the model in front of an expensive aspirational car if one can be found in the car park, taking care to avoid including the car number plate in the shot, or if it is visible, to remove the car registration numbers by editing the image.  The intention is that the model will appeal to the target female audience, the industrial look of the location and the female model will attract the majority of the target male audience.

I will experiment taking blurry, slightly out of focus images so that the viewer can only see the outlines and impression of the model, mix between full length body shots and cropped upper body and head shots.   I will be asking the model to wear high-street everyday casual bright clothing, not high fashion so that the audience can identify and relate to the model.

The makeup to be worn by the model will be strong colours such as bright red lipstick making the facial features more eye-catching and making the overall composition interesting and intriguing.  The soft focus blurring is intended to draw the viewers attention, to give an impression of someone, but to invite them to look deeper inside the cover.

Idea 2

Second idea is to take pictures using a male model aged 18-24. I would position the model outside standing in front of a plain wall holding or wearing a mask with a woman’s face in front of their face, possibly a very male face mask.  The woman’s facemask decorated with a variety of styles using makeup – lipstick, false eyelashes and blusher on the cheeks.  The man’s mask decorated with lipstick for the lips, painted on moustach and false short eyelashes.   I would also try using a balloon with faces drawn upon it held by the model in front of the models face.   Mix between full length body shots and cropped upper body and head shots.

I would use a minimum of four pictures with different face masks covering the models actual face.    I would experiment combining four images to make a montage, four similar photographs of full body, upper half body and head.  The montage to form an interesting composition.

The male model to wear high street shop casual clothing, not high fashion so that the  majority of male viewers can identify with the male models clothing.

The mix of female and male facemasks will fascinate both male and female viewers so that both sexes would be interested at looking further inside the magazine.

Idea 3

Third idea is to take pictures of both a male and female model of similar ages, between 18-24.  Photograph the models standing side by side with the same background, both models if possible to be of similar height and build wearing similar or the same clothes outfits but in contrasting colours facing the camera.  The idea is to take their photographs, then to edit the photographs taking horizontal slices and switching them around like a child’s puzzle, the head of the male on top the torso of the female, on top of the legs of the male on top of the feet of the female.

The lighting to be stricking the models at approximately 45 degrees so that slight shadows will be cast to highlight the facial features and the depth and layers of clothing.

This idea I believe introduces a humourous element and a sense of fun that will appeal to both intended sexes of the audience.  The mix and match images will reinforce the youthful appeal, but it is not intended to look childish.  The theme of mix and matching could be continued as a story theme inside the magazine in photographs.

I have experimented below combining photographs of a man and a child on the beach to give an impression of how it could work.




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