Madame Peripetie fashion photographer

Madame Peripetie or Sylwana Zybura

Madam Peripetie, there is not much known about this phtotgrapher, she is a Polish photographer based in Germany

An unusual fashion photographer that has an unusual surreal approach to fashion and style photography. The models faces are often obscured by sculptured objects, the model is dressed in dramatic clothing and make-up. The model’s face and body is often hidden or disguised with the heavy use of make-up, wigs, body paint sculptures or prosthetics. The models also wear high conceptual fashion clothing.  Some of the models break with convention. they do not have the typical tall thin model body shape, but some models are larger

Madame Peripetie uses colour as part of the theme, combined with strong lighting. Often models are shot against a dark or black provide stunning effects.


Click on these links to see more of Madame Peripetie’s works.

The surreal images make the viewer question what they are looking at, is the model, the clothes, a piece of conceptual art or a photographic composition.  I like the work becuase I believe it has all these elements.  The one thing that these photographs are not is predicable clothes fashion photographs.



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