studio ideas

Studio ideas

Idea 1

Take a series of pictures of the models focused on certain features and body parts such as just the eyes, mouth and hands. For the main photograph I would compose the picture of the back of the models head. I would use a female model for this making the pictures appeal to the female audience. I would also make the model were male dominated clothing, although with the close up shoots the audience will not see much of the clothing, The intention is that the glimpse of male clothing and the close up of the eyes, lips, hands, back of head is so the pictures will be intriguing to both male and female audience.

How can I make this fit in with in the requirement to appeal to male audience?

The model would hold tools such as screwdrivers hammers spanners. The face and hands smudged with oil and grease from the tools.

Idea 2

My second idea is to take pictures using female models with a scarf or blankets covering their face. The idea behind the picture is to make the photographs all about what the model is wearing instead of what the model looks like. This also makes the pictures stand out making it different to other fashion pictures. I will be taking these pictures in the studio using gel lighting, using the gels I will change the colour and mood of the lighting to purple making the pictures more atmospheric.


Idea 3

Take pictures of a male and female model entwined in poses, but the heads of the models are not visible.  Their heads are on each others shoulders so that the face cannot be seen.  Their arms and possibly their legs wrapped or folded into each othe so that they appear as one.  The clothes they wear would, one wearing very bright colours the other very dark colours.  Experiment with both wearing the same colour clothes so that two bodies appear as one.

Idea 4

Using both a male and female model, coat their faces with pale foundation makeup to remove with the aim of making both faces appear very similar.

Apply strong coloured multiple layers of eye shadow or eye liners in a variety shades across the closed eyes.  Coat the lips with strong coloured lip gloss in a variety of shades.

Photograph both faces of both the male and female model.  Use strong lighting from the front to flatten the facial features.

Use Photoshop to divide the faces and then create a composite new face with elements of both the male and female model.  This is taking the idea of the lips by Irving Penn did for a L’Oreal advert and expanding and developing the idea further.

The use of male and female image would be interesting when combined as one face.

The idea behind this image was to make the pictures focus on the models and taking close-up pictures hiding thier identity by ‘mashing up’ the images to make one face. This would suggest that what you see even though you can see something is not always the truth.

face_design79121_1999750Irving Penn – Mouth (L’Oreal)

Idea 5

The models to distort their faces with clear sticky tape.  The tape used to change the shape of the their faces, the nose and eyes pulled in diferent directions.

I did not use this idea becuase the application and removal of the tape would be painful to the model.  The sticky tape would reflect the light and be very visible in the photographs.





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