Evaluation of the location pictures

what worked well?

i believe these pictures have worked well because i have managed to make the

how did i create the pictures?

i created these pictures using a digital camera

how can i improve the pictures?

i can improve the pictures by making shore that the model is not wearing dark clothes when they are in a dark surrounding area. this would potent the model from blending into the background instead it would make the model stand out mocking the pictures more interesting to look at. i can also improve the pictures by

dose it fit in with the brief?

Discuss how your front cover will appeal to the audience

this fount cover would apple to the audience because it show that the

Explain the thinking behind your front cover idea 

the thinking behind my front cover was to make the pictures focus on the model and taking closeup pictures but still covering here identity. this would suggest that what you see even though you can see something is not always the trout.



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