These issues are over and above the requirements of Health and Safety for a studio.

Risk Assessment of the location, items to take into consideration – Visit the location before the shot and identify potential risks, access to the location, how where and when will equipment be required during the shot, will transport be required?

Will you be working where road traffic could cause you a problem, or you cause a problem to road traffic?

Is there a safe and secure place to leave equipment?

If the model is required to change clothes, is there a safe secure and private place that this can be done?

Will you be working where pedestrians could cause you a problem, or you cause a problem to pedestrians?

Do you require pedestrians to be removed from the location?

Do you need a permit to photograph?

Do you require additional props? If so could any of the props be considered ‘dangerous’?

Is the location a known area for crime?

Do you need assistants to hold items and to be an extra pair of eyes and ears while the photographer and model(s) concentrate on the shoot?

Is the time of day going to cause problems for access or increased risk from any of the above identified potential risks?  Day time or night time

Will there be electric power points available?  If power is available attention will be required to ensure the trailing leads are not going to cause a trip hazard or sharp objects will not cut the cables.  The power sockets are not overloaded with more equipment that is permitted to  draw too much power.

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