Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark was born in the 1940 and died 2015. she was from New York in the United States. most known for here photojournalism,  She photographed people who were “away from mainstream society and toward its more interesting,  and often troubled fringes of society”.

How dose this relate to my work and idea?

This artist relates to my work because it takes urban photographs, rather sad and down at heal gritty images with building sites, hoardings, rubbish and graffiti present.

My intention is that some of my images will incorporate the urban look.  I am not intending to photograph any youths with guns.

Boys holding a gun – What do I like about this picture?

I like this picture because of the way that the photographer has managed to capture and display innocence of the boys holding a gun and putting it away in his jacket.  The fact that two boys have a gun is not a usual thing, the way they are behaving it appears to be totally innocent day to day item to have a gun.

I also like the way the photographer has captured the way the two boys look like they are trying to behave like they are older than they are, almost like they are trying to imitate gangsters from the past.


Two boys holding stereos – What do I like about the picture?

I find the picture amusing, the size of their stereos are so big and look to be heavy and awkward to carry.  The boys have to carry the stereos with both hands because of the size.

Music machines of today are so very different, the size of street music machines are now very small and can fit on a mobile phone.  The photograph is clearly from the late 1970s to 1980s when cassettes were the only mobile music format.

The wooden board shuttering gives reinforces the look of urban decay.  The stark multistory car park in the background.


Why do I like the picture?

The photograph captures the feeling of a city where there is a mix of excitement that anything could happen and the ‘boredem’ and greyness of the city.

Web site resources about Mary Ellen Mark:

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