Pep Ventosa

Pep Ventosa’s work is focused on an exploration of the medium itself–deconstructing and reconstructing photographic images to create new visual experiences.

how dose this relate to my project?

this relates to my project of transport because the photographer has shown and demonstrating new and interesting ways to document transport he also  takes pictures of landscapes buildings and  to make for a new and different picture to what you would normally see with a camera.

what do i like about the pictures?

i like this photographers work because there lots of things going on with makes you more interested and draws your attention in to look more closely at the work. I also like this photographer because it makes you question wether it is a photograph taken with a camera or weather it is a drawing.

how can i use this affect in my own pictures?

i can use this affect in my own pictures by taking several pictures and overlapping them, i would do this by using a digital camera and a tripod moving the camera slightly so i can overlapped the pictures ontop of each other using photoshop creating a slightly unaligned affect were the pictures don’t full match up on top of each other creating the lined affect that the Pep Ventosa has created


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