Stephanie Jung


About here

Stephanie Jung is a freelance photographer based in Berlin, Germany. In 2010 she finished her studies in Visual Communications, where she discovered her passion for experimental photography. she is now focussing on fine art and portrait photography. she loves to capture the vibrant and hectic mood of a place. But her work is not just about citylife, it’s about time and caducity, about capturing special moments and  getting lost in time.

“it was a moment full of life. This was something I wanted to exaggerate by the multiple effect.” this what she wrote in the maggazine article Cooph

What do I like about the photographers work?
I like the photographers work because they have managed to capture the chaos and bustling life of a city. The strong reoccurring theme is the traffic on the road, the street lines, the cars and buses and taxis. I also like this photographers work because the bright colours used making the pictures standout as a collage on top of each other, but you can still see enough of the images to recognise the image as a street scene.

How does this relate to my project?
I think that this photographer relates to my work because of the different ways to capture and to create a busier picture focusing in on the transport and people around here making a more interesting composition in the picture.

What techniques can I take from here work?

The multilayering of the image. Experiment with taking photographs at an elevated position as well as at street level.

How did i create these pictures?

I created these pictures by overlaying the same picture over the top of the prevues picture. I made the picture slightly bigger each time and moved it in defferant places on the original picture. I then changed the opacity of the picture to 20% this is so you can see several layers at once making the picture look busier.


tester shots in responce


IMG_9698   .jpg

IMG_9649  .jpg



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