Tester Shots Of Some Of My Ideas

What is the meaning behind these photographs?

I took these photographs on the theme of transport, to show that there is interesting things to see in the everyday ordinary life, the movement, reflections and light.

These tester shots are of London tube trains taken at ‘above’ ground stations, when the trains were empty and the stations deserted.  Trains are mass transport system designed to carry thousands of people, these images are unusual because not a soul is around.  The transport in these pictures are therefore serving no purpose, they exist for another time and place.

How did I create these pictures?

All of these pictures were taken using a digital camera, the images taken in RAW format.

What worked well?

The pictures work well, some of the pictures have worked better than others.  I like the photographs of the trains moving, the light and reflections and movement of the train contrast with the static structures of the platforms. The moody, brooding sky that looks to be a storm coming.

How can I improve the pictures?

I could improve these pictures by using a tripod as this would stop some of the camera shake in the pictures.  I can also improve these pictures by making sure that the framing is correct and not lopsided, if the was set up on a tripod the camera can be leveled with the tripod spirit levels, this could make the framing look straight.

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