Tester Shots Of Some Of My Ideas

How did I create these pictures?

I created these pictures by holding and placing my camera on the floor whilst people walked past the camera this created the ghostly effect of the passengers on the platform and their feet as they walked by. I exposed the pictures from between 1 to 3 seconds depending on the lighting levels of the area. When the camera was rested on the platform floor the stable ground ensured that the camera was still so during the long slow exposure only the people and trains were moving in the pictures, the rest of the station surroundings are stable.

What is the meaning behind the pictures?

The meaning behind the pictures was to make the everyday ugly beautiful. To show people move through the stations like ghosts, they are only transitory in the station landscape.

transport, to show that there is interesting things to see in the everyday ordinary life,

What worked well?

I believe these pictures have worked well, this is because I have managed to create different styles with multiple long exposures.  I also believe these pictures have worked well because have managed to capture the movement, reflections and light.  The movement of people passing through the environment.

The train as it passes through the station appears of streaks of light and colour that are parallel with the platform tiles concrete edges and the lines painted on the platforms.

How can I improve the pictures?

I can improve these pictures by using a tripod for camera shots that are taken above the platform level. This would stop the camera shaking creating the camera shake in the pictures and would make the pictures less blurry when you look at them creating an overall better quality picture. I can also improve these pictures by making sure that the camera is focused in what I want it to be before I take the picture.

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