Tester Shots Of Some Of My Ideas

How did i create the pictures?

I crested this pictures by using a digital camera. I put the shutter speed at 1 second this meant that some of the people in the picture would be blurred. I also zoomed the camera in and out wailst it was taking the picture testing put what different affects it would create.

Why did i create these pictures?

What worked well?

I believe the pictures with the camera still work well. This is because it has limited what is going on creating more time to look and focuse on one thing in the picture  instead of try and look at everything at once.

How can i improve the pictures?

I can improve these pictures by making shore that I use a trypod when I take the pictures. This would provent the camera from moving wailst the picture is being taken creating the camera shake, this would also make the pictures love blurry to look at. I can also improve these pictures by avoiding ovase landmarks as i don’t want the pictures to end up being tourist photos.


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