Tester Shots 3

how did i create the pictures?

i created these pictures using a digital camera. for the pictures taken in the dark i, put the camera on a long exposure veering from 2 to 5 seconds. This meant that you could pick up some of the movement from the cars and detailing from some of the surrounding areas. for some of the pictures i put the camera on a try pod, this stopped some of the affects of camera shake in the pictures. fro there pictures taken in the day light i put the camera on a shutter speed from 60 to 200 seconds.

how can i improve the pictures?

i can improve some of these pictures by


what worked well?

i believe these pictures have worked well. this is because

how do the pictures relate to your theme?

these pictures relate to my theme, this is because i have managed to make the pictures incorporate some form of transport wether it is outside of a verbal or inside it all connects yo some form of transports.

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