Bob Mazzer

Bob Mazzer spent two decades commuting to work and back on the tube. As he travelled, he used his Leica M4 to capture Londoners, commuters and tourists as they journeyed through the capital’s network of tunnels. some of his work was first shown in a GLC exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall in the 1980’s.

What do I like about his work?

I like his work because of the harsh light and colours he uses in his pictures making them more striking to look at.

how dos his work relate to my project?

i think that his work relates to my project because because of the way he has managed to capture the people and the constantly moving people on the transport.

what can you take from his work?

i believe i can incorporate the way he captures people and what they can see on the journey form the station walking to the train to on the train, this could include people busking at the side of the corridor, to people sat messing about with friends on the train.

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