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Experimental Images with Photoshop, merged multiple images

How did I create the experimental pictures?

I created this studio photograph of me using a digital camera this is so I could take the picture into PhotoShop easily and

Photograph of Me
Original Photograph of Me

without degrading the picture in the process. I took the picture with the ISO 200, shutter speed of 1/125 sec and the aperture  F stop of F14 this is so the picture would have a deep depth of field and fast shutter speed so picture wouldn’t be blurred and be bright enough with out over or under exposure of the picture. I also used a flash to take the picture this is also so the main subject of my face picture would be bright enough to see.

I took the photograph in RAW format and transferred the image to the computer where I could manipulate it with Photoshop.  I used the RAW format because I did not want the image to be degraded when the image is stored to JPEG format.

When I opened the picture in RAW format I made sure that all the features were at 0, this was because I did not want to change any of the setting for brightness, colours, contrast etc at this point.   I pressed OK to open the photo it into Photoshop.

In Photoshop I used the Quick Selection tool to select my head and shoulders from the background.  I copied the head and shoulders (Ctrl+C), Created a new tab (Ctrl+N) and pasted my head and shoulders (Ctrl+V) into the the ’empty’ picture.  This new selected head and shoulders image I will reuse when creating my future experimental merged pictures 1-3.

Experimental Picture 1

Experimental Image 1
Experimental Image 1

I opened a picture of a field of rape plants – this image I am going to use as the background to my merged image.

I opened a second picture of a distorted street scene of car lights, raindrops and light reflections on glass.  This is going to be my top layer.

I copied the head and shoulder shot of me as Layer 1 (this had no background) on to the  picture of the field of rape plants, background Layer.  I went to the 3rd picture of the street scene and rain drops on glass, selected a smaller part of image that I wanted and copied this area of the picture and pasted it as a Layer 2 on top of the picture of me.  I selected the Layer 2, clicked on image Transform and re-sized the copied area to cover completely, positioned over the composition and adjusted the opacity sliding it up and down to see what effect it had.  I stopped at 80% so that my face was clearly visible and the rain drops on glass an reflections can be seen, and give the illusion that I am standing behind some glass, the photograph was from taken outside on a rainy day, looking in on me.

When I was happy with the overall effect I clicked merge all layers and saved the image as a new file.  This meant my original images will not have been accidentally lost or changed.

Experimental Picture 2

Experimental Image 2
Experimental Image 2

I opened another photograph I took of some woods in PhotoShop, this will be my background layer.

I opened a second photograph of some trees on a hillside in PhotoShop this opened into a new tab and will become the top layer,Layer 2.

I clicked on the tab with the image of my head and shoulders, copied the image.  Clicked on the tab of the woodlands (Background Layer). Pasted the image of me (Layer 1) on top of the background.

Next Clicked on the tab of the picture of trees on the hillside.  I selected an area of the photograph.   I copied the selected part of the image image, clicked on the background picture of the woodland with me superimposed. I pasted the selected trees on the hillside to create Layer 2.  Clicked on transform so I could move the selected area to appear across my face and stretched the image to cover just my face and hair.

I experimented and adjusted the opacity sliding it up and down to see what effect it had on the overall image.  I wanted to show my face but to also have a shadow or mask half covering my face, the appearance of a native warrior.  I decided 65% opacity gave a the effect I was looking for.

I clicked merge all layers and saved the image as a new file.

Experimental Picture 3

Experimental Image 3
Experimental Image 3

I used only two images for my 3rd experimental picture.  The photograph of me, and a second image of space.

I went and searched the internet for copyright free images of space. I found one I liked, saved the image to the PC.  I opened the saved space image with PhotoShop

The photograph of me was the background layer.  I clicked on the tab of the space image, copied the image.  I clicked on the tab of the picture of me and pasted the space image as a new layer over the top of the photo of me.

I selected layer 1 and adjusted the opacity.  I wanted the image to be dark, with a ‘ghost’ of me showing through.  Half of my face is eclipsed by the planet.  The opacity I selected was 90%, this gave the effect I was looking for, my pale face with stars covering my face is visible.  My hair and body fade into the darkness of ‘space’

I clicked merge all layers and saved the image as a new file.

What worked well?

The photograph of me, using the selection tool to “cut me out” and ability re-use this image was very useful.  The skills I am learning and developing to use Photoshop.  The use of Layers and how to manipulate elements in each layer before finally merging and saving the final images.

I was very pleased with all three images, they all have been transformed into very interesting compositions that would not be possible by taking a picture alone.  A very flat picture of me has been used to great effect putting me in the frame of places I have visited (except space) and I have come from behind the camera to being in full view and part of the main subject.

The Experimental Picture 1 has a a stormy brooding atmosphere, and a quality of slight sadness.  Experimental Picture 2 has a nature, warrior and native of the forest appeal.  Experimental Picture 3. Lost among the stars, part of the universe.

What Could I have improved?

The experimentation with PhotoShop, trying some additional effects changing the colour hues and the use of gradients to see if more interesting effects of the layers is possible such as an image layer could be strong in part of the frame but fading out across the composition.  The use of other PhotoShop effects such as blur or soften to make images more ghostly and faint.  This could have improved the Experimental Picture 2 so that the picture of me could have been softened in to the background, around the top of my head the cut out of my head and hair is very harsh.

How do these compositions represent me?

Experimental Picture 1 represents me, I look to be starring out, studying what is going in the outside world.  When I am left out I feel slightly sad and lonely.

Experimental Picture 2 shows my love of nature and of trees and woodlands.  The half covering of my face gives an illusion of a mask.  At times I hide my true thoughts and feelings.  I am a very private person, not letting people see the total me.

Experimental Picture 3 displays my tendency to dream and drift off to other worlds in my imagination.  Also the planet eclipsing the view of me shows my tendency to hide in the shadows and watch from afar, but at the same time wanting to be part of something bigger.

Making babies

Making babies

The careful merging of two faces to create a third, a product of the two ‘parent faces’ combined.

lucy photo_MG_8041+georgie_MG_8024

I created the composite image below by using Photoshop and merging and blending the above two portrait photographs. I lightened the photograph on the left so the background and skin tones were similar.  I used the select tool grab and copy the mouth and chin, neck and shoulders and chest of the right photograph, pasted it on to the left photograph as a new layer, Layer 1, adjusted the opaque slider so that skin tones merged even more. I used the transform tool to move the chin and size it so that it was lined up correctly on top of the face below. I clicked on the background layer used the select tool to grab the long hair that falls over the shoulders. I pasted them as a new layer, Layer 2 on top of Layer 1.  I then merged all the layers.  I finally used the cloning brush to help complete the blending process.


Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe

White Gauze, 1984 by Robert Mapplethorpe
White Gauze, 1984 by Robert Mapplethorpe

This photo inspires me. this is because demonstrates that the simplest of ideas and thoughts can turn out different and be really effective.  The wrapping of gauze around the models adds texture, it gives the photograph new possibilities for another interpretation. To me it tells two stories, it looks like a Mummy is gasping for air as it comes back to life.  Or a person gasping for air as they emerge from a cocoon

I also find that this photo is inspiring because you don’t have to travel round the world to find the perfect photo and model. it also shows that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and the use of an imaginative and creative mind is also just as important.  The art of story telling with an image.

Web site

About Mappelethorpe

Images (google search, so not all images will be by Mapplethorpe)

Beauty found in the ugly

Beauty found in the ugly

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture with the intentions to make the ugly beautiful

I created this picture by using a digital camera this is so I could transfer the pictures onto the computer and put the picture on to Photoshop if there are changes that need to be made and are nursery. I put the F stop at f/5.6 and the shutter speed at 1/800 this is because I didn’t want the picture being over exposed due to the brightness of the sky, I also made shore tat the picture wasn’t under exposed as this would make it hard to see the picture, i also put the ISO at 400

what has worked well?

this has worked well because I have managed to make the building in the picture work well and interesting  to look at this is by the different colours found in the building materials such as the blue tint in the windows and the yellow on the walls out side, this is also helped by the green roofing on top of the building. I also believe that this picture has worked well because I have managed to use a different angle and perception that people don’t normally see in the attempt to give the picture beauty from the ugly. I have also managed to use leading lines directing your eye to the camera, I have managed to get the lines off of the window and the out side of the building directing you strait up.

how could I improve this picture? 

I can improve this picture by focusing and zooming in more on the camera, I believe that this would improve the picture by make the main focus clearer to people this would help other people understand what the picture is about. I could also improve this picture by testing out different ideas on Photoshop to make the picture more interesting

i could improve this picture by getting a sharper focus this would make everything in the photo stand out even more

how dose this represent me?

this represents me because it shows my love for filming and photography, this is because I allays have a camera near me in case there are any potential photo opportunity’s or if there are any memory’s I want to capture and remember. this also represents me because you don’t allays know were I am or were I am looking, weather it is  a head to the future or if I am looking at the past memory’s. this also represents me because I can be intimidated by the size of things towering over me of things.

Photographic mosaic – playing with colours

face me

I created this image by using Photoshop. I decided to change and enlarge areas of my face, I also changed the colour on certain areas to create a different effects.

I created this image by using Adobe Photoshop cc 2015.  I identified a photograph of me that I wanted to experiment with. I opened the image in Photoshop, then I began manipulating the image by using the various tools.  I selected areas of my face, copied the selected area, pasted the area as a new layer, then transformed the selected layer.  I experimented by slightly changing the size or the colour hue.  After I had modified these various aspects of my face in many layers.  I merged all the layers and elements together to create a composite distorted face, but you can still recognise the face as me.

Overall it gives an interesting dysmorphic or distorted view of my face.

Why I chose the colours and the size of certain parts of my face

In certain places I decided to change the size of my face making parts bigger or smaller, this was because I wanted the final picture to look different and interesting, still be recognizable as me, I also wanted it to grab peoples attention. I also experimented with the sizes to see how it would distort and change the picture.

I used different colours to see how it would affect the picture and how it would change my image.

How I modified and changed colours in Photoshop

I changed the colours by selecting a layer, then changing the hue and colour saturation of different layers

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.43.34
Open an image and select it.  Click on adjustments that is just below the colour histogram on the right hand side of the screen.  Click on Hue/Saturation presets and click one of options such as cyanotype, then move the slider to increase or decrease the colour stauration.  This will change the colour of the layer.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.00.49

Alternative method to change colours.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.03.11

 Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.44.35

Click on the histogram chart. Click on the drop down list of options. (Default shown below)

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.44.45

Click on the slides on the histogram or enter a value in the boxes and experiment to see what effects changes has on the image.  Make sure the preview box is checked so that the changes made will be displayed immediately

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.45.04

Once happy I was happy with the changes in colour I applied the change to the image.

Concept Unit 10 Learning Aim C1/C2/C3

mood board  what props i would use using the ideas from the mood board insertion  The Concept

The concept I have chosen is an album cover/art work for a rock/pop band.  The band I have in mind is a rock band in the style of Paramore a contemporary alternative/prog rock band. The ideas I have are images of the band member or members wearing rock style clothing, this will be predominantly black or dark coloured clothing, but with a few bright highlight items of clothing, ‘Goth’ style slightly over the top to give a theatrical performance. I am considering several ideas for the environment to shot the photographs a dark forest, a playground with a band members sitting on a swing or standing nearby with the swing moving in shot.  Sitting on a skateboard park that has highly coloured graffiti.

The photographic techniques required

The outside shots I will experiment with slow shutter speeds to try and capture the swing moving slightly blurred in motion, and wide aperture to give narrow depth of field. I will take several shots with the swing in various positions so that I have a choice of where I merge the image of the band member on to the image of the swing. The photo shot of the forest and trees I will be shooting up towards the sky to get a featureless sky with high contrasting or silhouettes of the tree branches. When I blend the images together I will take care to frame and leave space in the overall composition for the album title to be added or other promotional wording.  If the overall composition looks too busy, I can overlay a transparency layer to lighten the picture so any words required for a poster will standout. An alternative idea is to have an image, a blended photograph for the background, with and image of just the head of the band member superimposed on top.

The face maybe in grey tones to blend in with the background with strong highlight in colour features such as the eyes or lips. To do this I will need to use photographic editing software such as PhotoShop. I also might try some PhotoShop effects to slightly distort or ‘melt’ some or all of the image or face. To take the indoor photographs of the band member I will take a series of portrait face photos, experiment with strong side, top lighting, or lighting from below the chin up on to the face to create strong shadows on the face and around the eyes. I will also be using strong lighting direct onto the face to create a more flat or featureless, ghostly face. I will also take some head and shoulder plus full body shots standing in casual poses that I will experiment cutting into the various backgrounds with PhotoShop.

Why these Images will be suitable

The images I plan to create will be suitable because they follow a style of imagery that is often used for this style of promotional material and familiar to the target audience. The prominent use of the band member will be a source of recognition to followers of the band, and to show what the band member looks like to potential new fans. The art work will also appeal to followers of this type of music that may not have heard the music before, but will get visual impression that they can identify with. The clothing to be worn will be stylish, but there will be no words on the clothing that could cause offense. The band member will be dressed therefore no issues of nudity. It is intended that the band member is the sole person in the artwork, so there is no consent for permission to photograph people or cars with registration plates shown will not be required.

Ideas and Inspiration

The collage of images of album covers I have used for ideas and inspiration. They nearly all contain pictures of the band members. The Avril Lavigne, Michael Jackson and Pink covers all feature close up pictures of the face with strong lighting. The image for ‘Fall Out Boy’, the boy with the stripes is the inspiration for the melting face. The other images show the members of the band posing in stereotypical rock poses to the camera. The album cover for ‘5 seconds of summer’ shows the band standing against a graffiti wall and the picture then has graffiti on top applied using a graphic package. I have based the idea of the graffiti skateboard park around this image.