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Tester Shots Of Some Of My Ideas

What is the meaning behind these photographs?

I took these photographs on the theme of transport, to show that there is interesting things to see in the everyday ordinary life, the movement, reflections and light.

These tester shots are of London tube trains taken at ‘above’ ground stations, when the trains were empty and the stations deserted.  Trains are mass transport system designed to carry thousands of people, these images are unusual because not a soul is around.  The transport in these pictures are therefore serving no purpose, they exist for another time and place.

How did I create these pictures?

All of these pictures were taken using a digital camera, the images taken in RAW format.

What worked well?

The pictures work well, some of the pictures have worked better than others.  I like the photographs of the trains moving, the light and reflections and movement of the train contrast with the static structures of the platforms. The moody, brooding sky that looks to be a storm coming.

How can I improve the pictures?

I could improve these pictures by using a tripod as this would stop some of the camera shake in the pictures.  I can also improve these pictures by making sure that the framing is correct and not lopsided, if the was set up on a tripod the camera can be leveled with the tripod spirit levels, this could make the framing look straight.

My Idea Proposal


My idea was to take pictures of transport and public areas that are often overlooked and underappreciated. I will be looking at different places such as train stations, busses and public footpaths. I will be making the ugly places look beautiful to look at.

I would be taking all of the pictures on a digital camera. This is so I can look at the pictures after I have taken them and so I can put the pictures on the computer easily. This also gives me more flexibility on what I can do on photoshop. I will be edit the pictures if I find it is needed on photoshop making the pictures brighter and more interesting to look at. Once I have taken and edited all of the photos I will then chose 10 of the best pictures to submit and exhibit to the end of yea show.


Frederick Wilfred – Photographer

London Street Photographer of the 1950’s & 60’s


Pep Ventosa

Pep Ventosa’s work is focused on an exploration of the medium itself–deconstructing and reconstructing photographic images to create new visual experiences.

how dose this relate to my project?

this relates to my project of transport because the photographer has shown and demonstrating new and interesting ways to document transport he also  takes pictures of landscapes buildings and  to make for a new and different picture to what you would normally see with a camera.

what do i like about the pictures?

i like this photographers work because there lots of things going on with makes you more interested and draws your attention in to look more closely at the work. I also like this photographer because it makes you question wether it is a photograph taken with a camera or weather it is a drawing.

how can i use this affect in my own pictures?

i can use this affect in my own pictures by taking several pictures and overlapping them, i would do this by using a digital camera and a tripod moving the camera slightly so i can overlapped the pictures ontop of each other using photoshop creating a slightly unaligned affect were the pictures don’t full match up on top of each other creating the lined affect that the Pep Ventosa has created


Idris Khan – Photographer

Idris Khan was Born in Birmingham in 1978, Khan lives and works in London. Since completing his Master’s Degree at the Royal College of Art in London in 2004 he has shown internationally.

Khan’s works – in media including sculpture, painting and photography – rely on a continuous process of creating and erasing, or adding new layers whilst retaining traces of what has gone before. He is well known for his large-scale works in which techniques of layering are used to arrive at what might be considered the essence of an image, and to create something entirely new through repetition and superimposition.

Idris Khan   – Initial thoughts photos the B&W multi layered photographs are similar to Turner’s later swirling patterns of light paintings such as the Fighting Temeraire or Rain, Steam and Speed.

ik4.jpg  8729dd718291dba1767f27d2b9fe7ebe.jpg

how dose his work relate to my project?

i believe that this photographer i relevant to my work of transport. this is because he has captured different ways in which to display movement. the idea and techniques used could also be used in some of my own work.

Tom Wood – Photographer

Tom Wood –  All Zones: Off Peak

Italian Futurist painters – Background research

Italian Futurist painters in particular Umberto Boccioni and works entitled “Farewellss; Those who go; Those who stay,”

Look at the work by Umberto Boccioni- there are similarities between some of these works and the photographs by Stephanie Jung.

Mary Ellen Mark

Mary Ellen Mark was born in the 1940 and died 2015. she was from New York in the United States. most known for here photojournalism,  She photographed people who were “away from mainstream society and toward its more interesting,  and often troubled fringes of society”.

How dose this relate to my work and idea?

This artist relates to my work because it takes urban photographs, rather sad and down at heal gritty images with building sites, hoardings, rubbish and graffiti present.

My intention is that some of my images will incorporate the urban look.  I am not intending to photograph any youths with guns.

Boys holding a gun – What do I like about this picture?

I like this picture because of the way that the photographer has managed to capture and display innocence of the boys holding a gun and putting it away in his jacket.  The fact that two boys have a gun is not a usual thing, the way they are behaving it appears to be totally innocent day to day item to have a gun.

I also like the way the photographer has captured the way the two boys look like they are trying to behave like they are older than they are, almost like they are trying to imitate gangsters from the past.


Two boys holding stereos – What do I like about the picture?

I find the picture amusing, the size of their stereos are so big and look to be heavy and awkward to carry.  The boys have to carry the stereos with both hands because of the size.

Music machines of today are so very different, the size of street music machines are now very small and can fit on a mobile phone.  The photograph is clearly from the late 1970s to 1980s when cassettes were the only mobile music format.

The wooden board shuttering gives reinforces the look of urban decay.  The stark multistory car park in the background.


Why do I like the picture?

The photograph captures the feeling of a city where there is a mix of excitement that anything could happen and the ‘boredem’ and greyness of the city.

Web site resources about Mary Ellen Mark:

Bruce Davidson

Bruce Davidson is an American photographer born in 1933. He has been a member of the Magnum photos agency since 1958. His portrait photographs, notably those taken in Harlem, New York City, have been widely exhibited and published.

“I really focused on the way they felt. They were depressed. They were poor. I didn’t know how poor they were, but they were very poor and dysfunctional. The neighbourhood didn’t support them in any way. So, that’s what it’s about. I think that’s what makes it universal. It’s about the way teenagers feel if they are abandoned, abused or lost.”

“I’m not photographing people. I’m photographing the environment.”

I like this photographers work because of the high contrast.  The graffitti that has been dawbed inside and outside the trains

How will this relate to my project of transport?

This relates to my transport project because it shows more than just there object of transportation moving you from destination but it shows the passengers that you also see with in the transport especially when it is public transport

What will I take from his work using his ideas and techniques on my own work?




I like this picture, the arms holding on look similar to an Indian god with many arms.

Web resources research sites:,29307,1975355,00.html


Other street photographers to find out about

Frederick Wilfred