photographers to investigate

Photographers to investigate, view their works and consider if they are an inflence in my FMP.

Simona Panzironi

I use only ambient light, with a large-format camera and an exposure of about 10 minutes. So once I’d set up the tripod, the camera did all the work of recording the scene.

Daniel Hewitt

Rut Blees Luxemburg

Albert Lévy

Albert Levy was a French photographer active in Europe and the United States. Most active in the 1880s and 1890s, he was a pioneer of architectural photography. Wikipedia
how dose he relate to my work?
 Frederick H. Evans
Died: June 24, 1943, London

Danny Lyon

An American photographer born 1942 in Brooklyn New York. Lyon photographs has a strong association with civil rights. His works include works around prisoners in Texas jails in a book called Conversations with the Dead (1971).

Lyons style of photography has been called ‘New Journalism’, this is when the photographer has become immersed, and become participant, of the documented subject.


Lyon photographed commuters and passengers on the New York Subway in 1966. The photographs were taken using a Rolleiflex medium format camera and Kodak colour film


Magnum Photos – Danny Lyon


Bob Mazzer

Bob Mazzer spent two decades commuting to work and back on the tube. As he travelled, he used his Leica M4 to capture Londoners, commuters and tourists as they journeyed through the capital’s network of tunnels. some of his work was first shown in a GLC exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall in the 1980’s.

What do I like about his work?

I like his work because of the harsh light and colours he uses in his pictures making them more striking to look at.

how dos his work relate to my project?

i think that his work relates to my project because because of the way he has managed to capture the people and the constantly moving people on the transport.

what can you take from his work?

i believe i can incorporate the way he captures people and what they can see on the journey form the station walking to the train to on the train, this could include people busking at the side of the corridor, to people sat messing about with friends on the train.

Luc Delahaye

Luc Delahaye –

French born photographer, born in 1962. Delahaye started his career as a photojournalist during the 1980s Delahaye devoted himself to reporting upon war and conflicts. He had his photographs published in Newsweek Magazine.

Delahaye used the detached photojournalist approach in a series of 90 photographs and portraits taken between 1995 and 1997 published in an album called L’Autre where people and passengers were secretly photographed on the Paris metro using a hidden camera.

The subjects of the photographs, they do not look at the photographer, their facial features are not posed intentionally or unintentionally for the camera. The subjects’ faces show no recognition, mouths are slack, their eyes unfocussed, deep in their own thoughts.

Delahaye photographs capture the passengers on their daily travels, and the stillness and private worlds of the passengers. What they do not capture is any sense of motion, the journey that is being undertaken. The passengers appear static, solitude and self reflecting waiting as if time has stopped waiting for their stop and the next stage of their journey.



Tester Shots 3

how did i create the pictures?

i created these pictures using a digital camera. for the pictures taken in the dark i, put the camera on a long exposure veering from 2 to 5 seconds. This meant that you could pick up some of the movement from the cars and detailing from some of the surrounding areas. for some of the pictures i put the camera on a try pod, this stopped some of the affects of camera shake in the pictures. fro there pictures taken in the day light i put the camera on a shutter speed from 60 to 200 seconds.

how can i improve the pictures?

i can improve some of these pictures by


what worked well?

i believe these pictures have worked well. this is because

how do the pictures relate to your theme?

these pictures relate to my theme, this is because i have managed to make the pictures incorporate some form of transport wether it is outside of a verbal or inside it all connects yo some form of transports.

Tester Shots Of Some Of My Ideas

How did i create the pictures?

I crested this pictures by using a digital camera. I put the shutter speed at 1 second this meant that some of the people in the picture would be blurred. I also zoomed the camera in and out wailst it was taking the picture testing put what different affects it would create.

Why did i create these pictures?

What worked well?

I believe the pictures with the camera still work well. This is because it has limited what is going on creating more time to look and focuse on one thing in the picture  instead of try and look at everything at once.

How can i improve the pictures?

I can improve these pictures by making shore that I use a trypod when I take the pictures. This would provent the camera from moving wailst the picture is being taken creating the camera shake, this would also make the pictures love blurry to look at. I can also improve these pictures by avoiding ovase landmarks as i don’t want the pictures to end up being tourist photos.


Tester Shots Of Some Of My Ideas

How did I create these pictures?

I created these pictures by holding and placing my camera on the floor whilst people walked past the camera this created the ghostly effect of the passengers on the platform and their feet as they walked by. I exposed the pictures from between 1 to 3 seconds depending on the lighting levels of the area. When the camera was rested on the platform floor the stable ground ensured that the camera was still so during the long slow exposure only the people and trains were moving in the pictures, the rest of the station surroundings are stable.

What is the meaning behind the pictures?

The meaning behind the pictures was to make the everyday ugly beautiful. To show people move through the stations like ghosts, they are only transitory in the station landscape.

transport, to show that there is interesting things to see in the everyday ordinary life,

What worked well?

I believe these pictures have worked well, this is because I have managed to create different styles with multiple long exposures.  I also believe these pictures have worked well because have managed to capture the movement, reflections and light.  The movement of people passing through the environment.

The train as it passes through the station appears of streaks of light and colour that are parallel with the platform tiles concrete edges and the lines painted on the platforms.

How can I improve the pictures?

I can improve these pictures by using a tripod for camera shots that are taken above the platform level. This would stop the camera shaking creating the camera shake in the pictures and would make the pictures less blurry when you look at them creating an overall better quality picture. I can also improve these pictures by making sure that the camera is focused in what I want it to be before I take the picture.

Tester Shots Of Some Of My Ideas

What is the meaning behind these photographs?

I took these photographs on the theme of transport, to show that there is interesting things to see in the everyday ordinary life, the movement, reflections and light.

These tester shots are of London tube trains taken at ‘above’ ground stations, when the trains were empty and the stations deserted.  Trains are mass transport system designed to carry thousands of people, these images are unusual because not a soul is around.  The transport in these pictures are therefore serving no purpose, they exist for another time and place.

How did I create these pictures?

All of these pictures were taken using a digital camera, the images taken in RAW format.

What worked well?

The pictures work well, some of the pictures have worked better than others.  I like the photographs of the trains moving, the light and reflections and movement of the train contrast with the static structures of the platforms. The moody, brooding sky that looks to be a storm coming.

How can I improve the pictures?

I could improve these pictures by using a tripod as this would stop some of the camera shake in the pictures.  I can also improve these pictures by making sure that the framing is correct and not lopsided, if the was set up on a tripod the camera can be leveled with the tripod spirit levels, this could make the framing look straight.

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