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Mario Testino – Photographer

Born in Peru in 1954.   Testino has taken photographs of many of the popular super models like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen.

He is also known as a portrait photographer and has photographed famous celebrities Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Britney Spears and Princess Diana.

Testino has taken many photographs for fashion magazine covers for publications like Vogue and Vanity Fair.  Testino has worked on fashion campaigns for fashion houses like Gucci, Burberry, Versace, and Calvin Klein.

Photographs below

The Towel series are a collection of people photographed holding a towel to hide their modesty.  The lighting is very effective to show the muscled bodies and soft body lines.





The photograph of Courtney Love that was used by VMagazine I really like, the makeup applied to the face of Courtney Love is bright and applied in a simple and smudged way that makes the viewer focus in on her eyes to see if she has been hurt or not.

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COURTNEY LOVE, @VMAGAZINE, 2006 #TestinoArchive

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Web sites to see more of his work






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fashion photographers

Annie Leibovitz

Leibovitz is an American photographer. She began her career when she was still a student in the 1970’s working for Rolling Stone magazines.  In 1983 she started working for Vanity Fair receiving several awards such as the International Center of Photography Lifetime Achievement Award and American Society of Magazine Editor’s first Creative Excellence Award. Leibovitz has received a variety of awards over the years. Her passion for the magnificent beauty of nature and everything around her including the living energy of place and emotion of land allow her to capture the most amazing portrait and fashion photographs.

What do I like about this picture?

I like this picture because of the composition and how the model in the picture is wearing the same colours that match here surroundings almost making here look like she is in camouflage hiding in the surroundings. I also like this picture because the train of the dress has been draped to appear like a mermaid’s tail.






Richard Avedon

 (1923 – 2004)

Richard Avedon was an American fashion and portrait photographer, known for capturing emotion and personality in his images. he wokked for Vogue over the years he shot a total of 148 front covers for the magazine. one of his legendary fashion editor’s Diana Vreeland’s staff photographers, bringing her visions to life by shooting imaginative and exotic fashion stories for her around the world.

Why do I like this picture?

I like this picture because the model is trying to copy what the elephants are doing, the models hands are posed trying to look like the elephants trunck like the elephants,  The models posture is making her stand tall and look proud so she can be seen from a far and the dress is sculured by the models body like a classiac statue.

I also like this picture because of the comical composition.




Sebastiao Salgado

Brazilian born in 1944.  He takes photographs of people struggling to survive or people in desperate situations as well as tranquil images of people going about their daily lives such as fishing.


WORKERS Serra Pelada State of Para Brazil 1986


Alto Xingu Indians, 2005


WORKERS Greater Burhan Oil Field Kuwait 1991

The stories of the photographs without the title, the viewer can make their own story what could be happening.

The top photograph looking down on a mine with loads of people working like ants.  It looks like a scene from a film.  What are they mining, are they under slavery, is there going to be a disaster, will the sides of the mine collapse on the workers.

The middle photograph is dreamy with the mist rising from the water.  Are they going home or starting out on the day?  Are they going fishing or traveling down the river on a journey of adventure.

The bottom photograph looks like people from another planet.  The clothes all covered soaked in oil the workers look like astronauts from a 1950s film.

Web sites where more inforation and biography of the photographer can be found.  Examples of his work are also on these web sites.





Enri Canaj

Finalist in the 2014 Visual Storytelling Awards 2014 http://www.enricanaj.com Canaj was born in Albania moved with his family to Greece in 1991. He studied photography at the Leica Academy in Athens. In 2007 he took part in a British Council project on migration.

Canaj has taken photographs recording the events around migration and refugees trying to escape war. The risks they take on sea crossing in small boats. The reception they receive when they arrive in Greece and the life they lead.


It was around 5 a.m. when the Greek Coast Guard identified a small boat floating towards Chios, a small island in the Aegean. There were 49 immigrants on board. © Enri Canaj









James Nachtwey

The photograph by James Nachtwey is a great example of the single narrative photograph or photojournalism. The viewer can see the drama playing out, the confusion, the look of desperation on the faces of the refugees on the train trying to stay together as families or friends. The look of dismay by the man turning away from the train, the partially seen face of a woman or girl being trapped within the crowd. The children being carried on the shoulders of parents looking bemused by what is happening around them.

“I have been a witness, and these pictures are my testimony. The events I have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.” James Nachtwey, photojournalist – quote from his website.

James Nachtwey is an American born photographer, he is a contract photographer for the magazine Time.





Ramallah, West Bank, 2000 – Palestinians fighting the Israeli army.

Web sites that includes a biography and examples of his work.



James Nachtwey – The Improviser


Robert Capa

Hungarian born. Capa’s is most remembered for his photographs from the Spanish Civil War conflict, including his most famous image, Death of a Loyalist Soldier (1936), were heralded almost immediately for their stunning impact; Picture Post termed him “the greatest war photographer in the world”. His photographs show the events happening.

SPAIN. Córdoba front. Early September, 1936. Death of a loyalist militiaman.
SPAIN. Córdoba front. Early September, 1936. Death of a loyalist militiaman.


SPAIN. Bilbao. May 1937. Crowds running for shelter as the air-raid alarm sounds.

The people all looking up to see what is coming in from the sky.  Without the title of the photograph the viewer can imagine many posible things that the people on the street could be looking at.







Tim Hetherington


British born photojournalist, was attracted to photograph wars and disputes. He was killed in Libya covering the increase in violience and civil unrest that was occuring.

LIBYA. April, 2011. On the road out of Adjdabyia, Libyans come and inspect the smoldering remains of vehicles after a NATO airstrike.


LIBYA. April, 2011.  Rebel fighter with an RPG.
LIBYA. April, 2011. Rebel fighter with an RPG.







Don McCullin

Donald McCullin is a British photographer born in 1935. He is most known for his photojournalism in war photography. In 1977 he joined the Royal Photographic society, during that time the society awarded him a medal and a fellow honour ship for the Society’s 150th anniversary  in 2003.

Between 1966 and 1984, McCullin worked for The Sunday Times Magazine. McCullin’s assignments included Biafra, the Belgian Congo, the Northern Ireland ‘Troubles’, Bangladesh and the Lebanese civil war. It is his photographs of Vietnam and Cambodia that have become among the most famous and well-recognised.


Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry is an American photographer born in 1950. he has worked in photojournalism and editorial. He is best known for his 1984 photograph “Afghan Girl” which originally appeared in National Geographic magazine. McCurry is a member of Magnum Photos. he has been awarded the world press photo award for general news.

McCurry not only takes portraits, but also the people living their lives, going about their daily living.







Lee Jeffries

Lee Jeffries is an English amateur photographer. Jeffries took his first photograph of a homeless person in 2009.  He often takes portraits of homeless people sometimes he also is living on the streets for days to gain their trust, respect and permission to take photographs of the homeless.  Jeffries gets to know the subjects he wants to photograph, Jeffries tries to uses this as a way to show the person and there personality to other people who look at his pictures.

Jeffries started photographing people in London and has since been to other countries in Europe and the United States taking pictures of different people. He has built up a reputation and his work has featured on some prestigious photographic web sites such as Time Magazine Lightbox, CNN, The Independent Newspaper.  Through his work he has raised awareness of the homeless and money for various homeless charities.

Jeffries for his street photography only natural light and a small reflector.  The photographs finally produced are post processed and manipulated.  The majority of his photographs are black and white, but Jeffries does include some colour photography.  The colour photography is muted and shows a strength of deep reflection and resolve in the subjects face

His style of photography is close cropped images removing as much as possible distracting background so the viewer focuses on the face, the character, the shadows, highlights the face in relief, the contours, lines and wrinkles, the eyes are magnetic usually staring straight down the lens and out of the photograph back at the viewer.  It is hard to decide who is studying who.   The photographs convey the emotions in the subjects face.

I really like his work, the powerful brooding emotions, they have a strong haunting atmosphere, the dominant commanding sole full eyes and that his images show. They make you wonder what the story behind the person in the photograph is.







Additional information and source web sites:

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