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This is a photostory or photodiary of my morning journey to college.

Story board of the daily journey into college
Story board of the daily journey into college

How I created the photo-story

I took a variety of shots that would eventually be used in my 6 shot photo-story. I used a digital camera because it is easy to transfer the images from the camera onto a PC for later editing in a graphics package such as Photoshop.

I reviewed the photographs I had taken using the PC file manager plus the image pre-viewer and  viewer software.  I selected six photographs that represented key elements of the start of my day and journey into college.

I opened Photoshop, then opened the six images in Photoshop.  I created a seventh new larger image.  I created a guide grid of  3×4 cells on the blank new image and arranged them so that working from the top of the image I had a row of 3 large cells where the first tree images will be placed, a narrow strip of 3 cells where the text of the story for the photograph above will be written. another large row of  the same height as the top row where the next three photostory images will be placed.  Final narrow strip of 3 cells for the story text to accompany the pictures above.

I then clicked on the tab of the first picture, select the image, copy then click on the tab of the new blank document and pasted the image as a new layer.  I then clicked on Transform so that I could resize the image and move it into place using the guides to show how big the image had to be.  I repeated this process for the remaining 5 images.

I clicked on add layer and the text tool in Photoshop, created a “text box”  I changed the font size to 18pt, Font style Myraid Pro, Regular, checked the colour of the font was dark grey.  I then typed the words to accompany the picture above, if the text was longer than the text box, I clicked on the box to resize it to fit under the photograph and dragged it down to increase the depth to accommodate 2 lines of text.  I repeated this process for all 6 images.

What went well?

The photograph sequencing tell a story. The photographs are bright and clear, the viewer can immediately see the elements of the journey without having to read the text beneath each photograph. The text beneath describes the journey and gives extra detail that enhances the photographic record.

What could be improved?

The change between landscape and portrait photographs makes for large white gaps. I could have put the portrait pictures immediately next to the landscape pictures so there was no large white space and the top and bottom rows would be of similar length.
It would have possibly been better if all the photographs were landscape, portrait or possibly cropped so that they are all the same proportions and dimensions.

Photographic montage of a bench

merging layers together (benches)

How did I create this image?

I created this picture by using Photoshop

First I went out and took a series of photographs of the same object close-up and at different angles. This was so I could open the various images in Photoshop, build a new composition using layers in Photoshop to overlay the different pictures on top of each other to show the same object but in slightly different angles and positions and projections. Then finally to merge elements of the pictures together and produce the montage.

What worked well?

This picture worked well because I managed to match all of the pictures up to display the same area without the pictures looking out of place.  The original pictures the light levels stayed similar for the multiple shots, so when the various photographs were overlapped  there was not a large variety of changes in colour tone. 

What could be improved?

The area near the pavement and legs of the bench on the left hand side of the picture I could have been more tightly cropped so that there is not a different coloured band of pavement running along side the concrete leg.  The extreme right hand side the pavement under the bench the lines of the paving slabs are out of alignment with  the other slabs.  I should have flipped this element vertically so that the lines all point to a similar ‘vanishing point’ in the distance.

There is a hard line visible on the horizontal bench, I could have used a blending, blurring or cloning tool to better merge the images together

Rainbow Picture

A collection of photographs composed to represent a Rainbow.  I created this using photographic image manipulation software.

colour pictures rainbow
Composite photograph of images to represent a rainbow

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture using Adobe CC 2015 Photoshop to make a single image from six individual photographs.

I looked at my collection of photographs for six images that had strong colours that when combined could describe the theme of “Rainbow”  The main colours I wanted were in the pallet range of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.  Any photographs missing a suitable strong colour I went out and shot.

I composed the final by using Photoshop, this was so I could put all of the smaller pictures together to create one big collage picture.

I launched Adobe Photoshop 2015, opened in Photoshop the six images I wanted to use.  Next I opened a new blank document (Ctrl+N).  I split the new page up by applying a grid guide of 2 cells by 3 cells, View, Show, Guides. I then clicked on the tab of the first picture, select the image, copy then click on the tab of the new blank document and pasted the image as a new layer.  I then clicked on Transform so that I could resize the image and move it into place using the guides to show how big the image had to be.  I repeated this process for the remaining 5 images.  For many of the images I cropped the layer so that a strong colour image was shown. The close up of the poppy flower head, the purple/violet coloured chive flower head, the orange stripes and the close up of the individual leaf.

What went well?

Photographic montage looks very effective. I have the main colours of the rainbow in each image, and there is also a common theme of nature, plants and flowers that also ties the rainbow theme together.

How could I improve this?

On close inspection I could have improved the lining up of the images, there is a slight gap between the bottom four pictures.

Experimental Images with Photoshop, merged multiple images

How did I create the experimental pictures?

I created this studio photograph of me using a digital camera this is so I could take the picture into PhotoShop easily and

Photograph of Me
Original Photograph of Me

without degrading the picture in the process. I took the picture with the ISO 200, shutter speed of 1/125 sec and the aperture  F stop of F14 this is so the picture would have a deep depth of field and fast shutter speed so picture wouldn’t be blurred and be bright enough with out over or under exposure of the picture. I also used a flash to take the picture this is also so the main subject of my face picture would be bright enough to see.

I took the photograph in RAW format and transferred the image to the computer where I could manipulate it with Photoshop.  I used the RAW format because I did not want the image to be degraded when the image is stored to JPEG format.

When I opened the picture in RAW format I made sure that all the features were at 0, this was because I did not want to change any of the setting for brightness, colours, contrast etc at this point.   I pressed OK to open the photo it into Photoshop.

In Photoshop I used the Quick Selection tool to select my head and shoulders from the background.  I copied the head and shoulders (Ctrl+C), Created a new tab (Ctrl+N) and pasted my head and shoulders (Ctrl+V) into the the ’empty’ picture.  This new selected head and shoulders image I will reuse when creating my future experimental merged pictures 1-3.

Experimental Picture 1

Experimental Image 1
Experimental Image 1

I opened a picture of a field of rape plants – this image I am going to use as the background to my merged image.

I opened a second picture of a distorted street scene of car lights, raindrops and light reflections on glass.  This is going to be my top layer.

I copied the head and shoulder shot of me as Layer 1 (this had no background) on to the  picture of the field of rape plants, background Layer.  I went to the 3rd picture of the street scene and rain drops on glass, selected a smaller part of image that I wanted and copied this area of the picture and pasted it as a Layer 2 on top of the picture of me.  I selected the Layer 2, clicked on image Transform and re-sized the copied area to cover completely, positioned over the composition and adjusted the opacity sliding it up and down to see what effect it had.  I stopped at 80% so that my face was clearly visible and the rain drops on glass an reflections can be seen, and give the illusion that I am standing behind some glass, the photograph was from taken outside on a rainy day, looking in on me.

When I was happy with the overall effect I clicked merge all layers and saved the image as a new file.  This meant my original images will not have been accidentally lost or changed.

Experimental Picture 2

Experimental Image 2
Experimental Image 2

I opened another photograph I took of some woods in PhotoShop, this will be my background layer.

I opened a second photograph of some trees on a hillside in PhotoShop this opened into a new tab and will become the top layer,Layer 2.

I clicked on the tab with the image of my head and shoulders, copied the image.  Clicked on the tab of the woodlands (Background Layer). Pasted the image of me (Layer 1) on top of the background.

Next Clicked on the tab of the picture of trees on the hillside.  I selected an area of the photograph.   I copied the selected part of the image image, clicked on the background picture of the woodland with me superimposed. I pasted the selected trees on the hillside to create Layer 2.  Clicked on transform so I could move the selected area to appear across my face and stretched the image to cover just my face and hair.

I experimented and adjusted the opacity sliding it up and down to see what effect it had on the overall image.  I wanted to show my face but to also have a shadow or mask half covering my face, the appearance of a native warrior.  I decided 65% opacity gave a the effect I was looking for.

I clicked merge all layers and saved the image as a new file.

Experimental Picture 3

Experimental Image 3
Experimental Image 3

I used only two images for my 3rd experimental picture.  The photograph of me, and a second image of space.

I went and searched the internet for copyright free images of space. I found one I liked, saved the image to the PC.  I opened the saved space image with PhotoShop

The photograph of me was the background layer.  I clicked on the tab of the space image, copied the image.  I clicked on the tab of the picture of me and pasted the space image as a new layer over the top of the photo of me.

I selected layer 1 and adjusted the opacity.  I wanted the image to be dark, with a ‘ghost’ of me showing through.  Half of my face is eclipsed by the planet.  The opacity I selected was 90%, this gave the effect I was looking for, my pale face with stars covering my face is visible.  My hair and body fade into the darkness of ‘space’

I clicked merge all layers and saved the image as a new file.

What worked well?

The photograph of me, using the selection tool to “cut me out” and ability re-use this image was very useful.  The skills I am learning and developing to use Photoshop.  The use of Layers and how to manipulate elements in each layer before finally merging and saving the final images.

I was very pleased with all three images, they all have been transformed into very interesting compositions that would not be possible by taking a picture alone.  A very flat picture of me has been used to great effect putting me in the frame of places I have visited (except space) and I have come from behind the camera to being in full view and part of the main subject.

The Experimental Picture 1 has a a stormy brooding atmosphere, and a quality of slight sadness.  Experimental Picture 2 has a nature, warrior and native of the forest appeal.  Experimental Picture 3. Lost among the stars, part of the universe.

What Could I have improved?

The experimentation with PhotoShop, trying some additional effects changing the colour hues and the use of gradients to see if more interesting effects of the layers is possible such as an image layer could be strong in part of the frame but fading out across the composition.  The use of other PhotoShop effects such as blur or soften to make images more ghostly and faint.  This could have improved the Experimental Picture 2 so that the picture of me could have been softened in to the background, around the top of my head the cut out of my head and hair is very harsh.

How do these compositions represent me?

Experimental Picture 1 represents me, I look to be starring out, studying what is going in the outside world.  When I am left out I feel slightly sad and lonely.

Experimental Picture 2 shows my love of nature and of trees and woodlands.  The half covering of my face gives an illusion of a mask.  At times I hide my true thoughts and feelings.  I am a very private person, not letting people see the total me.

Experimental Picture 3 displays my tendency to dream and drift off to other worlds in my imagination.  Also the planet eclipsing the view of me shows my tendency to hide in the shadows and watch from afar, but at the same time wanting to be part of something bigger.

Making babies

Making babies

The careful merging of two faces to create a third, a product of the two ‘parent faces’ combined.

lucy photo_MG_8041+georgie_MG_8024

I created the composite image below by using Photoshop and merging and blending the above two portrait photographs. I lightened the photograph on the left so the background and skin tones were similar.  I used the select tool grab and copy the mouth and chin, neck and shoulders and chest of the right photograph, pasted it on to the left photograph as a new layer, Layer 1, adjusted the opaque slider so that skin tones merged even more. I used the transform tool to move the chin and size it so that it was lined up correctly on top of the face below. I clicked on the background layer used the select tool to grab the long hair that falls over the shoulders. I pasted them as a new layer, Layer 2 on top of Layer 1.  I then merged all the layers.  I finally used the cloning brush to help complete the blending process.


Photographic mosaic – playing with colours

face me

I created this image by using Photoshop. I decided to change and enlarge areas of my face, I also changed the colour on certain areas to create a different effects.

I created this image by using Adobe Photoshop cc 2015.  I identified a photograph of me that I wanted to experiment with. I opened the image in Photoshop, then I began manipulating the image by using the various tools.  I selected areas of my face, copied the selected area, pasted the area as a new layer, then transformed the selected layer.  I experimented by slightly changing the size or the colour hue.  After I had modified these various aspects of my face in many layers.  I merged all the layers and elements together to create a composite distorted face, but you can still recognise the face as me.

Overall it gives an interesting dysmorphic or distorted view of my face.

Why I chose the colours and the size of certain parts of my face

In certain places I decided to change the size of my face making parts bigger or smaller, this was because I wanted the final picture to look different and interesting, still be recognizable as me, I also wanted it to grab peoples attention. I also experimented with the sizes to see how it would distort and change the picture.

I used different colours to see how it would affect the picture and how it would change my image.

How I modified and changed colours in Photoshop

I changed the colours by selecting a layer, then changing the hue and colour saturation of different layers

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.43.34
Open an image and select it.  Click on adjustments that is just below the colour histogram on the right hand side of the screen.  Click on Hue/Saturation presets and click one of options such as cyanotype, then move the slider to increase or decrease the colour stauration.  This will change the colour of the layer.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.00.49

Alternative method to change colours.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.03.11

 Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.44.35

Click on the histogram chart. Click on the drop down list of options. (Default shown below)

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.44.45

Click on the slides on the histogram or enter a value in the boxes and experiment to see what effects changes has on the image.  Make sure the preview box is checked so that the changes made will be displayed immediately

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 10.45.04

Once happy I was happy with the changes in colour I applied the change to the image.

unit 13 B1/B2

 CD Cover

This is my second CD album cover I have improved my skills of image manipulation using Photoshop as the editor. Using layers I included the band member and converted the image to drawing using the effects filter within the graffiti, I experimented with the artistic filters and think this gave the best effect, and still have the band member recognisable.  I also improved the distortion to make it more obvious that the band member is being sucked into the box.  I also used layers to include the album title and changed the font of the album cover to match in with the font on the poster. modified-3

Messages conveyed in the poster 

The message that the album cover is delivering to the audience is that it is aimed at a rock and pop franchise. This is because there is a cartoon of a monster on the album cover, this cartoon is brightly coloured and has the effect that it is cool and funky, this is aiming at the pop side of the audience but this carton also fits in with the rock audience as the cartoon looks similar to a demon and a skeleton which is more popular with the rock side of audience as it fits in with their music and it is how a rock audience would like to illustrate themselves.

This album cover has a spooky, horror theme, echoing part of the band name of ‘Nightmare’.  The colours are eeire and have a dark side to them, for example the graffiti is used using spray paint, making it look like the background of the wall has been vandalized, show a rebellion to law and society. Again this is what the rock and pop audience would be drawn to. Using this effect of graffiti and colours attracts this type of audience because of the picture and the graffiti used.

The main lead signer is shown being sucked into a box, this shows a horror effect as the main signer has represented that they are going through into a different world through the monsters toy music box. This is also popular with the rock and pop audience, as they enjoy fantasy art work and that there is a different world, this is illustrated through the picture. I have asked some of my peers in class and other people out of college if this is what they see, a high percentage of the people who I asked agreed with the exact feeling and though of the album cover. This shows that the message that I wanted to demonstrate has effectively been pursued as the audience are communicating with the poster, as I wanted them to

Original studio photograph of band member introduced as a layer on to the wall graffiti background.

album cover cut out transparent background

Poster for album launch

Second poster design I improved with the inclusion of additional relevant information, an insert of the new album cover and accompanying text.  Using Photoshop editor I used the clone tool and transparency settings to copy areas of sky to better blend in the area around the hair and head of the band member.  There was a pale ‘halo’ which didn’t look quiet right. promotional-poster-photography-plus-insert2

Second poster design

Messages conveyed in the poster 

The message that the promotional poster is giving off to the audience, is that the poster is more aimed at the pop audience this is because the colours used are more natural and more of what you would see on other pop group posters, this is due to the colours that the majority of pop groups using. I have used these colours to attract more of the pop genre so that the band can promote their name making them more known in the pop culture making them more publicity and a wider audience. I have also put the band member on the pier by the sea as if to say that the band has a peaceful and calmer compared to their last album, this is to give the effect that the album has been toned down. I have still kept with the original rock outfit to make the band member fitting in with the rock genre and audiences. This is also to make the band more known in the rock industry and to symbolize that they are still producing rock music. On the album cover I have still chosen dusk as the night draws on to suggest that it is still dark fitting in with the rock sector, but I have also choseen it with the light and the colour scheme overlaps with the pop industry. The fonts used on the poster suggests that it is still trying to look traditional with the oldergeneration of a rock group as they used a gothic calligraphy type font.

promotional poster photography most updaited
First poster design
First CD album cover

CD cover design for album Poster Review and  Response

Dose your finished promotional poster meet with the aims of the brief? 

I believe I have met with the brief of producing a poster advertising the launch of a new album.  It has all the key elements required.  Details of the launch, image of the lead band member in an atmospheric setting.  Details of what the new album cover looks like and there are icons indicating that it is available for download from iTunes and people can like it or comment upon the album on Facebook.  The things that have worked well on my promotional poster is the leading lines, the streaks of the sky the converging parallel lines and planking on the jetty the band member is standing on, they all focus to the centre where the head of the band member is approximately placed, above the horizon where the sky is palest. I think this Is affective because it draws in people’s attention in to the centre of the picture and the main band members face. For fans it is something they will identify and focus upon. For people who are not fans the image of the band member is strong, so it will stand out on the page easily, this also helps to make the band member easer to recognise in a hurry. Other things that have worked well on my promotional poster is the colours used because the colours in the sunset sky (pinks/purples) match in with the colour, clouds and tones of the band member and her skin contrasting with the black leather jacket that has plenty of highlights in similar colours of the sky.

What are the areas for improvement on the promotional poster?

The areas to improve my final product is to ensure that the band member when cut from the studio photograph and placed on to the new background that the area around the face, hair and glasses have the new background showing. If closely inspected there is some hair that has the white studio background showing, also close to the cheek on the left hand side. This should be the pale blue sky background.Other improvements I could make to the promotional poster is to add a drop shadow, and experiment with contrasting colours for some of the text, this is to give an impression of greater depth and helps to give a stronger definition to the text on a mixed colour background. Making it easier to read.This is a big change to my original idea because this picture shown will reach a bigger and wider audience

Dose your promotional poster meet with the aims of the brief?

I believe my promotional poster meets with my brief. I wanted a poster aimed at the pop/rock genre.   I have managed to create this by using the atmospheric and moody lighting of the sunset with pastel colours that you would normally see with other traditional folk/pop artists. The band member wearing jeans and casually half wearing half carrying a leather jacket on her shoulder gives a moody rock look. This will also interest the audience who enjoy rock, pop and also people who are interested in fashion

How well does your promotional poster compare with your original ideas?

Compared to my original ideas I thought there would be more brighter colours making the poster look poor like a combined rock and pop poster. On my original ideas I thought that the band member would be wearing more trendy and fashionable clothing making the band known as fashion icons in the pop world. This is also where the band is aimed at. I am happier with my new idea  because it incorporates both pop and rock instead of aiming it at just one of the category’s. I also know that this fits in better with my brief

What comments have your peers made about your work on the promotional poster?

The comments that my peers have said about my work are that the colours on the promotional poster makes it a bit hard to see what has been written down. Some of the other comments that my peers have said about the promotional poster is that some of the shadows on the text is in the wrong place so the shadow looks out of place.My peers also said that they liked how I managed to combine the pop and the rock styles together.

How could you improve you work based on the feed back from your peers about the promotional poster?

To improve my promotional poster using the feed back from my peers I will make sure that the writing is clear and easy to read, This would help people understand what has been written easily and quickly. I will also bear in mind the colour of the text as well in case it is hard to read. This will help the audience focus on the text more easily and make the theme of the poster fit in with the rock/pop style

CD Cover Review and Response

Dose your finished CD cover meet with the aims of the brief?

The aim of the brief was for a rock style album cover, this is conveyed by the urban graffiti background.  There is some humour as well with the image of the lead band member as a drawing being sucked into the music box.  The things that have worked well on my CD cover is the strong image of the band member that has been overlaid on to the background image.The lines off the nose from the mask, the streaks in the sky, the poles in the water all draw the eye to focus on the band member. These are reasons why I chose a graffiti background. The proportions of the size of the band member being a solid feature to focus upon, the face can be clearly seen for fans making her easily recognisable. Enough background visible to give an atmospheric natural environment, opposed to a serious studio shot.

What are the areas of improvement on the CD cover?

The areas I can improve on my CD cover is making the band member look more 3D on the cover. This will be done to make the band member more interesting to look at and look more affective on the CD cover.Other places that I think I can improve my CD cover on is making the colours in the background stand out more to make the graffiti picture look as if it was jumping out at the band member. Doing this would make the graffiti man more fun to look at and would make the album cover more fun and appealing to the audience. Another way I think I can improve my CD cover is by adding In shadows, this could also help the people and characters standout more

Dose your CD cover meet with the aims of the brief?

I have stuck to the aims of the brief so I have made the band member wear rock styled clothing. This is so the band member fits in with the surroundings and doesn’t look out-of-place on the CD cover. I also said that I will be in a skate park for my CD cover photo because you can create lots of different effects and you can capture other people’s thoughts and emotions through the graffiti in the CD cover. I feel that I have stuck to this part of the brief because I have followed the original ideas that I had

How does your CD cover compare with your original ideas 

The original brief idea was for a rock/music promotional poster. I have stayed with original concept. The outdoor shots I had originally planned to take at a playground with a band member sitting on a swing, and using slow exposure to introduce some movement. The outdoor shots I did take were in an urban setting with brick wall and wooden fence backgrounds. I experimented with over exposure to introduce a grunge look. I was not satisfied with these images. I did follow and adapt one of my original ideas of mixing a studio shot of the band member superimposed upon a different outdoor background. My original idea for the background was for city streets with graffiti. I changed the idea about the background for something more tranquil and contrasting that better shows the band members face. The final chosen background has strong lines within it to draw the eye to the focal point of the band member. This I feel works better and will be a more appealing image for a wider audience

What comments have your peers made about your CD cover?

The comments that my peers have made about my work are that the band member doesn’t look 3D on the CD cover. They also say that this makes it look less affective on the cover. Other comments that my peers have made about my work is that it looks bold and colourful. My peers have also said that the title is too small and hard to read in a hurry

How could you improve your CD cover based on the feedback from your peers?

The improvements that I could make to the CD cover are to make the band member more 3D. I will make the model more 3D by making the band member larger and adding a shadow. Other improvements that my peers have suggested are making the title bigger. I will do this by changing the font size of the title and this will make it easer for them to read.

Were there any technical and creative choices made during the production process of the CD cover and the promotional poster, which would you change on reflection? 

There were technical and creative choices made during the process of creating the CD cover although if I was to recreate this again I would still use Photoshop. This is because I am confidant with this program and all of the functions in it. Also I feel that this gives the finished product a professional finish

Overall How have your application of digital graphic design skills met with the brief?

With The CD cover and the promotional poster I have had to over lap photos to give the band member a more interesting backgrounds. This also helps to make the CD cover and promotional poster more appealing to look at. Other things I have had to use is text and text styles this is to make the information on the poster and the CD cover more appealing and fun to look at. On the CD cover and the promotional poster I have used lots of different layers to create a build up of images. This will make the images more bold and easer to separate the individual layers. This will hep with my original idea because you could clearly see the layers of the background and the band member.