Fears (Heights)

hights .jpg

How did I create this picture?

I created these pictures using a digital SLR camera.  The photographs were taken from a variety of camera angels, very low looking up and from on high looking down.  These perspectives exaggerate the view and size of the subject, height and my fear of heights.


What does this make you think of?

These pictures remind me of my fear of heights. Being in high places looking down over the edge and being on the ground, looking up at high places.  Also my fear of falling from a height and seriously hurting myself.

What worked well?

The photograph looking up at the standing person near the window and the photograph of the person outside on the cobbles.  These pictures the subject is well framed and clearly the main element of the photographs.  The natural light is used to illuminate the subjects well, there are no strong very dark shadows.

The photograph of the person lying down has been successfully framed that you cannot tell if or how badly the person is hurt from supposedly falling from a height.

What could be improved?

The photograph looking down on the standing person is slightly too dark.  I would change the camera settings to make it lighter, or consider using a flash if the light was strong enough to reach the person.  Try using a wider angle lens to give an even greater exaggerated sense of height.

I would consider adjusting the light levels in Photoshop to investigate if I could produce the 4 photographs with similar brightness to even out the composition and remove the need to look closer at the darker images.

For the shots from a height I could have tried to introduce a sense of movement, to mirror the act of falling or the feelings that you are about to fall.

Do these pictures remind you of anyone elses work?


Merging layers together


How did I create these pictures?

I created these pictures in Adobe Photoshop, this is so I could layer four photographs and change picture opacity for different layers.

I used the same 4 individual photographs. layerd on top of each other.  I set all the opacity to around 50% (Layers > Opacity 50%).  I varied the opacity so that no one image over powered the others.

I selected a layer and increased the opacity so that the image layer becomes more dominent and visible above the other images.  I saved the merged layered composition.

I reset the dominent image opacity back to the previous level, selected the next image and increased the opacity so that it became more dominent and showed more, saved the modified layered composition as a new image.

I then repeated the process so that I had in total 4 compositions that looked different although they were made up of the same images.

What do these pictures make you think of?

3 of the 4 pictures remind me of fear and punishment.  The person standing in the middle wearing a blind fold looks like they are about to be punished .  This is reinforced by the faint images of someone about to have their hair chopped.

What worked well?

I believe this worked well because I have managed to show and display destruction through the series of pictures.  Different elements are more visible by the change in opacity of the mergerd images.

What didn’t work so well?

The 4th image bottom right image, there is not a large spalsh of red that can been seen in the other 3 images.  The last image all there is also a lot of elements are showing making it difficult to focus on any one thing.

Do these pictures fit in with your theme?

These pictures fit in with my theme of the self and destroy, this is because I have slowly made the pictures harder to see through the photos

Rainbow Picture

A collection of photographs composed to represent a Rainbow.  I created this using photographic image manipulation software.

colour pictures rainbow
Composite photograph of images to represent a rainbow

How did I create this picture?

I created this picture using Adobe CC 2015 Photoshop to make a single image from six individual photographs.

I looked at my collection of photographs for six images that had strong colours that when combined could describe the theme of “Rainbow”  The main colours I wanted were in the pallet range of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.  Any photographs missing a suitable strong colour I went out and shot.

I composed the final by using Photoshop, this was so I could put all of the smaller pictures together to create one big collage picture.

I launched Adobe Photoshop 2015, opened in Photoshop the six images I wanted to use.  Next I opened a new blank document (Ctrl+N).  I split the new page up by applying a grid guide of 2 cells by 3 cells, View, Show, Guides. I then clicked on the tab of the first picture, select the image, copy then click on the tab of the new blank document and pasted the image as a new layer.  I then clicked on Transform so that I could resize the image and move it into place using the guides to show how big the image had to be.  I repeated this process for the remaining 5 images.  For many of the images I cropped the layer so that a strong colour image was shown. The close up of the poppy flower head, the purple/violet coloured chive flower head, the orange stripes and the close up of the individual leaf.

What went well?

Photographic montage looks very effective. I have the main colours of the rainbow in each image, and there is also a common theme of nature, plants and flowers that also ties the rainbow theme together.

How could I improve this?

On close inspection I could have improved the lining up of the images, there is a slight gap between the bottom four pictures.