Rolf Sachs

Rolf Sachs was born in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Sachs has a varied approach to art, photography and design often merging ideas. His work moves between art and design, objects, spaces and visual medium.

Swiss photographer and artist Rolf Sachs is known for taking photographs form the train window. The photographs show the blur of the passing views from the train window that demonstrates the transformation of boundaries between abstract art and landscape photography.

Some of the photographs from the train published in the book Camera in Motion, 2016 ISBN: 978-3-86828-740-0 are interesting compositions with the patterns that are created as the view changes and travels by the window. The book is shows the landscape along the World Heritage Rhaetian Albula Bernina Railway from Chur to Tirano, the photographs were shot over the course of a year from a moving train.


I do not like all of his images, some photographs do not hold an interest, or composition or colours. The photograph of a small clump of trees just looks to be a bad photograph attempted from the train.

Some of the photographs are interesting the way that the trees close to the train blur to form a curtain that the viewer can see clearly the mountains in the distance, the brilliant colours of the trains as they pass along the. The shaking caused by the train as it moves creates interesting distortion of the image. (Design Magazine)


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