Fears (Heights)

hights .jpg

How did I create this picture?

I created these pictures using a digital SLR camera.  The photographs were taken from a variety of camera angels, very low looking up and from on high looking down.  These perspectives exaggerate the view and size of the subject, height and my fear of heights.


What does this make you think of?

These pictures remind me of my fear of heights. Being in high places looking down over the edge and being on the ground, looking up at high places.  Also my fear of falling from a height and seriously hurting myself.

What worked well?

The photograph looking up at the standing person near the window and the photograph of the person outside on the cobbles.  These pictures the subject is well framed and clearly the main element of the photographs.  The natural light is used to illuminate the subjects well, there are no strong very dark shadows.

The photograph of the person lying down has been successfully framed that you cannot tell if or how badly the person is hurt from supposedly falling from a height.

What could be improved?

The photograph looking down on the standing person is slightly too dark.  I would change the camera settings to make it lighter, or consider using a flash if the light was strong enough to reach the person.  Try using a wider angle lens to give an even greater exaggerated sense of height.

I would consider adjusting the light levels in Photoshop to investigate if I could produce the 4 photographs with similar brightness to even out the composition and remove the need to look closer at the darker images.

For the shots from a height I could have tried to introduce a sense of movement, to mirror the act of falling or the feelings that you are about to fall.

Do these pictures remind you of anyone elses work?


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