Idris Khan – Photographer

Idris Khan was Born in Birmingham in 1978, Khan lives and works in London. Since completing his Master’s Degree at the Royal College of Art in London in 2004 he has shown internationally.

Khan’s works – in media including sculpture, painting and photography – rely on a continuous process of creating and erasing, or adding new layers whilst retaining traces of what has gone before. He is well known for his large-scale works in which techniques of layering are used to arrive at what might be considered the essence of an image, and to create something entirely new through repetition and superimposition.

Idris Khan   – Initial thoughts photos the B&W multi layered photographs are similar to Turner’s later swirling patterns of light paintings such as the Fighting Temeraire or Rain, Steam and Speed.

ik4.jpg  8729dd718291dba1767f27d2b9fe7ebe.jpg

how dose his work relate to my project?

i believe that this photographer i relevant to my work of transport. this is because he has captured different ways in which to display movement. the idea and techniques used could also be used in some of my own work.

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