Photographic montage of a bench

merging layers together (benches)

How did I create this image?

I created this picture by using Photoshop

First I went out and took a series of photographs of the same object close-up and at different angles. This was so I could open the various images in Photoshop, build a new composition using layers in Photoshop to overlay the different pictures on top of each other to show the same object but in slightly different angles and positions and projections. Then finally to merge elements of the pictures together and produce the montage.

What worked well?

This picture worked well because I managed to match all of the pictures up to display the same area without the pictures looking out of place.  The original pictures the light levels stayed similar for the multiple shots, so when the various photographs were overlapped  there was not a large variety of changes in colour tone. 

What could be improved?

The area near the pavement and legs of the bench on the left hand side of the picture I could have been more tightly cropped so that there is not a different coloured band of pavement running along side the concrete leg.  The extreme right hand side the pavement under the bench the lines of the paving slabs are out of alignment with  the other slabs.  I should have flipped this element vertically so that the lines all point to a similar ‘vanishing point’ in the distance.

There is a hard line visible on the horizontal bench, I could have used a blending, blurring or cloning tool to better merge the images together

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